Today we would like to show you an interesting Kickstarter project: MURO, a busy board for children. MURO makes it simple to create a unique busy board or activity cube for your kids. Using a circular, grid-patterned board and ‘plug-and-play’ accessories, it is simple to create a unique, play-based educational toy in any room of the house.

It all began when Jeremy and Tim Bond created a board for their son and nephew, a sheet of MDF with a few odds and end from around the house attached to it. Then Jeremy saw how much his son loved playing with his board, and was surprised to discover that nothing like it existed on the market already. Then, he started off thinking that he could make a perfect busy board but quickly realised that “perfect” is different for everyone. That was his moment of realisation which led to the development of a modular design which allows you to create your own.

MURO gives you the power to create beautiful and fun busy boards that are as unique as the children in your life. You can attach it all kind of toys and items: switches, latches, rattles, spinning things, chalkboards….and the list goes on.

Muro is fully customisable with a variety of removable playthings. Choose from their large range of MODS to build a fun and educational space that’s unique and personal. The ambition is to build on this so you can create the busy board you child wants (and that grows with your children). From telephones to money boxes, we are sure you will find the perfect ones for your little ones.

MURO can be easily fixed to the wall and the “Plug-and-Play” system lets children easily remove and replace toys freely. The creators offer over 30 toys for you to choose from and start building your MURO. They even have blank accessory backboards so you can make you own accessories.

Children learn through play. Toys are fun, but they are also tools that help children learn about themselves and the world around them. Muro helps toddlers and young children to develop hand-eye coordination, practice problem-solving and improve fine motor skills. Furthermore, it is a versatile item with long-lasting play value.

A simple yet great project, right? Click here to learn more and support MURO.