Here you are some inspiration to enjoy these Nordic-style rooms. We know that Scandinavian style has hooked us so every time we find one of those wonderful things we must share it with you. This time, we bring you some pictures from Natti Natti lookbook, a great children’s bedding line.

Inspired by Sweden’s simplistic design style and handmade with the finest materials in Brooklyn, Natti Natti creates sweet organic bed sets, pillows and art prints for kids. It was founded out of a strong desire to create something special, soft, and fun for children.


Black and white tones with some colour touches are the base to create a great Nordic atmosphere. But minimalist furniture also helps with its natural or white wood. This space is perfect for our little ones and textiles and art prints add that funny and soft touch. There is not doubt that some original textiles can add a fresh look to kids’ atmospheres.


As you can see, you can get very different effects only by changing some details. This is the advantage of Nordic spaces, they allow to do lots of combination with textiles and other details like children’s posters or garlands. These small changes can create a great difference in the kids’ room look but we must have a good and soft base according to these atmospheres where furniture is characterized by its design.

nati-nati-kids-room4nattinatti-kids-beddingHave you already fallen in love with Natti Natti?

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