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The natural decoration is always a good option, especially if we are talking about kids. Yes, kids have times when they have phases when they try to put every single thing into their mouth. Considering this, we should better use natural materials and forget about plastic. Today, we are talking about kids’ atmospheres with natural materials, those which are able to create cosy and safe corners for our little ones while helping us to take care of our planet.

Wood, Wood, Wood!

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Among the most suitable materials for kid’s spaces, wood must be the first on the list. Wood is warm so their rooms will look cosy. It can be combined with every single colour so it doesn´t mind if you prefer white or colourful rooms. If you want natural wood, avoid pieces which have been treated. You can use it in the beds, the tables, the desks or even in your kids’ toys.

Bamboo, The Most Ecological Option

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We are sure that we have seen bamboo pieces more than once. It’s true that many people don´t like the effect they create as they are usually linked to tropical or old-fashioned décor. However, considering that old things do always come back, it’s not a bad idea to include bamboo in our kids’ room. In addition, we must underline that this is a very ecological material as it grows easily. It’s a resistant material which can be the perfect option to get an eclectic and charming look.

Kids’ Atmospheres with Natural Fibres Like Straw

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Natural fibers like straw play an important role in rustic decoration. Straw is a natural fiber which comes from wild plants. It must be dried and later wetted with water to create a flexible material which can be plaited to create different objects. Yes, straw can be turned into cute rugs. It’s true that they are not as soft as those made with wool or other materials. However, we can’t deny that they look cool in a rustic kids’ room. Furthermore, you can include it in lamps, chairs or even in those cute wall decorations.

Linen in Textiles

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As far as textiles are concerned, there are many natural fabrics which can be a good option. Linen is an example. Linen is an antique fiber which was used for towels, table clothes and bedding sets. Nowadays this material has been included in every kind of home textile complements. Its look matches natural style. The best thing about it? It’s very resistant so is perfect for kids. In addition, it can be easily dried and it’s perfect for every kind of weather.

Wool forever!

Finally, we focus on wool. Among all the materials we have mentioned, it’s the most comfortable. Wool blankets can be the perfect way to keep your little one warm. In addition, they are really cute. You can include wool in every kind of kids’ textile: quilts, rugs or cushions. If you use wool with different colours, you will get a colourful atmosphere made of natural materials.

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