Nest Design was founded in Canada in 2014.This innovative company creates baby pieces with bamboo blend. Their designs try to be “adult” but with a touch of baby friendly features. Quality and design and environment are they perfect words to define their products provided that all of this concepts are a reality with the use of bamboo.

“Design philosophy: clean & simple, with a touch of luxe.” This can be explained because bamboo is “soft and durable, breathable, light weight, absorbent, quick drying but it’s also a quickly renewable raw material, promotes water consumption, grows in every kind of climate, pesticides are not required to grow it and it can be decomposed to be transformed into reusable nutrient rich composted soil.”

What Can You Find?

The range of products includes every kind of accessories for babies: Bibs, bandanas, Bubs baby clothes, blankets, Crib sheets and changing bags. All of them share a very characteristic design which reminds nature. It´s fresh, modern and really cool, perfect for every kind of baby.

Bunnies, horses, fish, arrows…they are only some of the motifs you can find in their products. About the colour range we must mention white, brown, blue, orange and grey tones. As we have mention before, everything seems as inspired by nature, simple, fresh and nice.


If we have to choose, we would say that their most characteristic and original product are those cool bibs bandanas. They will provide your baby a chic touch while offers you a functional product.


All the dyes they use to print the pieces have been tested to ensure their complete safety. They know how to take care of kids!