I love it to find cool new brands surfing the Internet, reading magazines or just walking down the street… Another warmly welcomed inspiration is the arrival of nice lookbooks into my inbox. Today’s inspiration comes from Singapore and it’s called Cavalier.

Angela Chong and Perry Lam, the founders of the brand, create stylish and edgy clothes that actually look fun to wear (I wish they came in my size!). For now, Cavalier designs sartorial streetwear for newborns and children from 2 years to 10.

In this debut collection, each piece is a statement, with design quirks and interesting details that are often inspired by childhood memories.

Take a look at some of their pieces:


Every kid’s gonna do that anyway no? Might as well do it in style with the D-Shirt.


The D-Ray Cardigan was inspired by manta rays. Kids will feel like streetwear superheroes.



Little black dress with rocker hand applique pockets steals the limelight.


Comfy and stylish dress for all occasions.


Let them go nuts! Tie the ribbons together and change the silhouette of this circle skirt every day.

Definitely a brand  to keep an eye on!

The debut collection will be available at selected retailers and through The Vault, CAVALIER’s own web store from 7 June 2014.