We know Stokke by its style and functionality. If you have already seen its cute prams, today we bring you its new furniture collection for kids included in the Stokke Home line.

This is a new set of compact and long-lasting furniture for kids and babies designed in an intelligent way to be adapted to every phase of the baby’s growth. In this way, we can use it from their birth to their first childhood phases. Every piece of furniture is created to take advantage of it. All these features are wrapped by the simple and elegant Scandinavian style.


This collection, as the other in the brand, includes lots of pieces which can be adapted to every space. The crib can hold the Moses and the change table to save as much space as possible. When they grow up, it can be turned into their first bed. What happens to little houses? Kids really love them!



On the other hand, the changing table can become a simple chest of drawers. The Moses can also be transformed into a playing table for kids which can be used with a Tripp Trapp high chair because highs are adapted to be used with other brand’s pieces. Everything is controlled!

The house-shaped crib provides a personal touch and a special cosy look. The crib will become a bed or a place where sit on to have enjoyed together. It can be their first refuge, as a tree house but at home.


Quality materials are present in the Stokke’s Scandinavian design. Furthermore, there are several versions to choose although all of them are quite discreet in white or grey.  There is also a thin striped canvas to be added to the crib. These small complements will provide a new life for this kids’ furniture.

Taking a look at all the furniture, we thing that is enough for a baby’s room so we think that it’s a great option for parents who think about the future. The best think is that it doesn’t take a lot of space because they are really compact. The whole collection will be shown in May 2015. Don’t ‘miss it!


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