Taking care of the environment is much more than a trend, it’s something which will be enjoyed by our kids one day. This is why we really love finding brands which are conscious and want to help to get a better and less polluted world. We must show this to our kids with these eco-toys.

Eco-friendly ideas which can be used to play and be reused when they don’t use them. They will provide as many hours of fun as other kind of toys with and added value. Simply great, don’t you think? Well, we are showing you the creative carton toys created by Eco and You. This brand doesn’t only create toys but also furniture for kids and office, everything is made of cardboard! Yes, we aren’t joking, this Italian brand only uses carton and eco-friendly materials.


The first toys produced were a toy kitchen with lots of details and electrical appliances, because this brand is an expert in creating carton furniture. Their high-quality carton is going to last for a long time, with non-toxics ecological ink and non toxic glues. Safety and quality are a must. Currently, we have seen wooden or cotton toys whose production processes are really careful to get the best quality.


Apart from those great electrical appliances, they offer a lovely toy house. A building like this brings  our inner child out. Every year the packages of Christmas presents become an improvised refuge, help them with their carton houses and they will spend all the day playing. They will really love to have their own refuge.


These amazing toys are plenty of details and the only thing we regret is that there are not many other models to choose from. They have doors, and you can put things in them to play like in their own kitchen. Learning games without damaging environment, do you need anything else?

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