Flexa is becoming one of the most important models in kids’ furniture. It mixes design, trendiness and attractive price. All these factors turn it into a wonderful option if you need to furnish kids’ rooms.

Now they have just launched two great products: Junior Bed included in the Flexa White Collection and the Monty Lamp (we really love it!) about we will talk soon. Today we are talking about the extendible bed…



Since they are 18 months, we start planning the change from the crib to the bed. They feel they are not babies anymore. It’s a great step for them! They can get out and get into the bed without adult’s help. But they are not used to sleep on an open space so the safety barrier is very important. We have fallen in love with this extendable Junior Bed that has just been launched by Flexa.

It is extendible, cute and you can add a drawer to keep their things. The bed´s sides are used as barriers. The mattress’ measures are 190×70 cm and if you add mattress extensions they turn into 190×70 cm, so it can be used for a long time. Useful and functional. Perfect for small kids’ rooms!


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