We have previously mentioned the cute things of Menudos Cuadros. There are lots of ideas to decorate children’s walls. Original paintings, round pictures banners with messages or funny wall stickers created by illustrators who have gathered inspiration from all over the world. If you don’t know all their product range, take a look to it, we are sure you will fall in love with something!

To those of you who know this wonderful online shop, we bring you good news, their novelties have just arrived. Several illustrators have created different paintings to offer a picture to every different mum and kid. Do you want to see the latest posters of Menudos Cuadros?

Apanona kids’ prints



Apanona kids’ prints are really dreamy with all their topics and ideas like in the case of the kids having a great time with a swing hanging on an apple tree. Soft colours in the background and flashy tones in the rest of the picture. This is a simple and funny print for their room! We really love Apanona!


This is one of the prints that which will help them to sleep at night. Its title is Eclipse and seems to tell a kids’ story about the moment when the sun and the moon fell in love with each other (as an explanation to this phenomenon). Do you know it? There’s no doubt that illustrator’s idea come from somewhere like our children’s stories.


Here you are the educational element, an ABC. They will love learning letters with all those friendly fairies around them!

Children’s prints by Blanca Gómez


Simplicity. This word defines Blanca Gómez’s printings. She is one of the most famous Spanish illustrators. Just a few elements are required to create the story. All of us know Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf but in this case it seems that they are telling us a different modern story where they are friends. What will kids think about it?


This is the coolest bear with its stripped t-shirt. That’s a simple painting perfect  to a Nordic bedroom!

Little Hands kids’ prints


These unmistakable prints are so cute…Little Hands brings us animals in daily situations which are really funny, sometimes. They even have a message!



This huge choice of shapes, characters and colours will offer you lots of options to fall in love with…they have a wonderful perspective of kids’ world which will fill your walls with amazing ideas. What do you think about their new posters?


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