Nowadays, lighting means a lot more than putting a simple lamp in your children’s room. There are thousands of ideas, even camouflaged ideas which don’t seem like lamps until you turn them on. Most importantly, we’ve got ideas that will not only bring light into your little one’s dreams but also serve as decoration during the day. So make sure to write some of these original and romantic lighting ideas down. The cloud-shaped lamp by Leblogdemadamec is a perfect example of a small and creative decorative detail.

Shaped Fairy Lights


What if we took simple fairy lights and transformed them into something fun? We love coming up with new concepts that everyone can adapt in their own style. This lighting idea is perfect for those who like crafts since it consists of creating shapes with small fairy lights. We picked Lereperedesbelettes‘s moon shaped fairy lights as inspiration.


Lottieisloving ’s got more inspiring examples. You can shape the fairy lights into a heart so it shows that every detail in the nursery was lovingly done. The best part is that we can continue shaping them into something else anytime we want a change.

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Hanging Bulb Lighting

The kid’s room requires soft lighting so the little ones can rest and for the atmosphere to be more relaxing. But you will also need some accent lighting to separate the different areas of the room. An original option is to use bulb bundle lights, as you can see at the Kutikai styling. The best part is that lighting can be easily rearranged and adapted to everyone’s needs.

Colourful Cotton Ball Lights

If there is one idea we absolutely adore when it comes to children’s room lighting it’s subtle yet playful lights, and if they consist of cotton ball lights even better. It’s a colorful and fun idea — a detail that will bring a charming touch with its happy colors while providing calm soft lighting at night. 


This simple idea of hanging them on a wooden ladder is by Lifebyrosie. Where would you place them?