It’s been too long since we blogged about Esthex! We hadn’t checked this amazing Dutch brand since the time we told you about their cool animal-shaped children backpacks. We’ve found a ton of cute and refreshing ideas to decorate children’s rooms with happy trends and a vision very close to your child’s imagination.

One of our favourite aspects which we wouldn’t hesitate to include in a kid’s room is the Indian inspired wallpaper. Everything related to this theme is trendy: the arrows, the teepees and the forest as well, as the very peculiar and funny Harry the Hedgehog – children will adore this very special Indian character. Who knows what stories he’s got in store?

New Esthex wallpapers



We also want to highlight their new sets of great wallpapers with fantastic characters and fun scenes. They are inspired by Indians but also by the Antarctic with its penguins and whales, or by panda bear-filled forests. We’ve reached the conclusion that this brand’s all-time favourite theme are cute little animals since they appear in all their sets. The best part about their wallpapers is that they stick to one or two colours, which makes it quite easy to combine them with the rest of the children’s room accessories.

Original children’s textiles


Esthex doesn’t only offer these beautiful, character-filled wallpapers — they have a ton of new items. For instance, they have fantastic children’s textiles such as crib and bed linens which match their wallpapers in trendy shades such as mustard or green. Their baby blankets are the greatest novelty, made with 100% organic cotton, soft and warm so the little one can sleep at ease. The fish pattern could not be any cooler. What do you think of all the new Esthex items?

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