Little Cabari is a synonym of happiness and colour in children’s bedrooms. This French brand created by an illustrator and a designer features beautiful textiles, original lamps, furniture and also gorgeously striking wallpaper. They are now showing their latest collection! Get ready to fill your child’s bedroom with bright colours thanks to Little Cabari’s scenes and prints.

Little Cabari’s Indian Children Wallpaper


Do your little ones like Indians? It’s a captivating theme with all the feathers, arrows and dreamcatchers — they will certainly adore this children’s wallpaper at first glance! There are Indian scenes, wolves and horses on green fields so the can imagine a thousand and one stories before falling asleep. There are plenty of colours and details to look at so the kids room will look completely different after adding this wallpaper.


Little Cabari’s Nature Inspired Wallpaper


Among Little Cabari’s wallpaper choice there are some beautiful animal scenes which will give the room a dreamy and natural touch. These illustrations are really pretty, and in this case they use shades in rather light colours in order to create a more relaxing environment. Yet another truly creative option!

Little Cabari’s Tropical Children’s Wallpaper


The designs are very tropical and perfect for welcoming summer, with lively and vibrant shades of yellow, red, turquoise and green — they will turn the children’s bedroom into a lush jungle! This wallpaper makes us think of one of those stunning children’s murals for decorating the walls which fill every corner with incomparable splendour.

Go on, if you still don’t know how to decorate your walls and you want happiness, colours and liveliness, you must look into Little Cabari’s new offerings!