This modern and elegant furniture shop was founded in 2014 by Jo Wilton and Mirka Grohn. It has been described by The Architectural Digest like “one of the five UK based brands and design studios worth keeping an eye on.” This British-Finnish Project was the last winner of the Elle Decoration British Design Awards.  We can say this is the perfect mix of British style and Scandinavian minimalism, the result is amazing!

What Can You Find?

Every single piece is produced in Britain. They create long-lasting modern and elegant furniture plenty of its own character. There are only some pieces available of every model so exclusivity is and important key for their clients. Again, we find one of those people who want to offer something special, something beautiful enough to make us feel unique. Quality aesthetics, design are successfully mixed with this purpose and the result is simply spectacular.

From the bedsides tables to the hanging racks, all of them have clearly inspired by a shape (A, giraffe, robot…) it´s like they were telling us a story in order to create another universe of beauty.


Functionality and design are the main features of their furniture. This is natural if we consider they are British-Finnish, as we have mentioned before. As we have said, it’s a great mix!


The website includes a list with their exhibitions. Don´t miss them!