Design and great taste are always a good combination to get the best results. This time, Ikea and April and May have collaborated to create one of those inspiring spaces where kids can feel the magic. April and May has combined several Ikea’s products with the purpose of building a fantastic room full of forest and nature charm.


Every single detail is carefully selected to get the amazing final result. Animals, wood, green and natural tones… It’s like a real forest! (well, its cosy version). Have you seen that furry rug? and what about the wooden boxes? Everything can be perfectly organised while you keep a natural and funny look, thanks to those cool green tones and animal complements.


If we want to turn the room into a natural space, we will need some natural elements to match that beautiful wooden desk.Chestnuts, leaves and a wise owl to help them with homework! Add a childish amusing touch with these wonderful and simple stools!


Even the pencils and the toys seem to be taken directly from those magical woods of fairy-tales, they are also part of this great story! Do you want to create a real fairy-tale scene? Add some fabric to the bed’s structure (Ikea Kura bed) and you will get a magic cosy space where they can imagine every kind of stories. It can be a fort, a castle or a tent in the middle of nature!


Organization is a must in kids’ rooms. Some shelves and the FLISAT Toy storage with wheels are useful for keeping your room tidy. Of course, natural tones are also present in shelves and boxes, matching the rest of the room. Combine different colours and sizes to remind dynamism present in nature, where distinct elements are perfectly combined in a harmonious way.


“Inspiring” this is the first word we think about when we look at these pictures. We are sure that  this atmosphere will be a perfect space to develop all their creative skills, to relax and to dream in their own little forest!

As you can see, Ikea offers everything you need to create a special own world for your little one, April and May adds the inspiration…do you dare to try?

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