Nit, wardrobe for slope ceiling with Woody knobs – Ello and Cube, ottomans – oversized bedside table with Woody knobs – Parrot and Apple, rugs – Tinny, cushions – Cleo, bed with Woody legs – Arctic, sticker – Giro, mirror – Klove, ottoman – Pod, chair with Woody legs – desk with drawer unit and Woody legs – Lippy, wall units – Space, wallpaper

When we have to choose the furniture for our little one’s bedroom we feel we need something cute, special and cosy. Something that makes them feel unique and loved, something that creates the perfect space for their magic childhood. Nidi knows the importance of quality and design so this Italian brand will provide the best and most special pieces with their own soul.

This Italian brand allows you to customize the materials and the colours to get your own little universe! From the beds to the fabrics, everything is possible with Nidi!

Nidi: Woody Collection

Mushroom, rug – Pod, chair with Woody legs – Giro, mirror – Woody, tallboy – Noel, ottoman

The Woody collection is the most representative collection of NIDI design. It is composed of a bed, wardrobe, chair, desk, table bedside tables, chest of drawers, tallboy and sideboard. The wooden legs are a reminder to the traditional design of the bedroom furniture which characterized Battistella production history.

Nidi: a Place for Sleeping

Camelot, bunk bed – Pitagora, Wall units – Apple and Sunday, rugs – Disco, floor cushion – Tak, upholstered chair – Leo, desk – Space, wallpaper

A huge choice of beds is waiting for you: bunk beds, loft beds, convertible beds… we all know the bed is the soul of every single room. Kids tend to use them as their refuge, their fort, their palace and, of course, as a factory of dreams!

There are many options, lots of headboards, legs, bed surrounds to be combined to get your dream look! Nidi offers beds but also amazing and playful experiences for your little ones!

Kap, four-posted bed with padded headboard and curtains

Nidi: a Place for Learning

Woody, desk – Pod, chairs with Woody legs – Apple, rug

Desks and chairs play an important role at kids’ rooms as they help them to concentrate and learn to get the best results. Having a great study area will inspire them to make their dreams come true!

Take a look to those designs! Tradition and innovation are mixed to create those amazing timeless and colourful pieces to fill the whole room with creativity and inspiration! And they look really comfortable!

Nidi: a Place for Playing and Growing

Woody, wardrobe with Fefè handles – Fefè, clothes hanger knobs – Polar Bear and Sunday, rugs

Kids rooms are little magic kingdoms where children develop themselves as individuals. There, they discover their hobbies, their skills, and their wishes. Playing is the best way to find out who they are so Nidi offers them the cutest spaces to spend their leisure time! Colour, design, and lots of fun!

Cube, otomans – Mushroom, rug – Woody, desk – Tynn, wall units – Od, wallpaper

Nidi: Customised Options

Slide, sliding loft bed with Gino Maxi side and Holly steps – shaped desk – Ol, hinged door wardrobe with end unit Kam+ – S, corner walk-in closet

As we mentioned before, customization is a wonderful way to build your own wishes. Colours, patterns, materials…from the woody wardrobe to the bedside tables, the legs or the drawers. Here you just have to imagine and they will create it for you.


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