You know we really love Nordic style furniture. Of course, you love it too. In addition, if they show some retro touch is even better. Well, today we bring something that will make you fall in love. This is In2Wood,  a furniture Brand that matches this aesthetics.


What is IN2WOOD?



Matthieu Meert is the one who created this Brand. He is a young entrepreneur who does everything in the Company. Yes, he performs the creation of every collection. Matthiue he draws and designs until he has developed all the products. This belgian creates the collections freehand and we are fascinated with him. He draws, creates thousands of drafts of every piece until they show what he wants to transmit. The result -as you will see- are simple and playful collections. Some functional furniture with charming aesthetics.

Something we like from the In2Wood collections, that also offers a general collection for home, is that every piece is adapted to the nomadic lifestyle. Yes, they are simple but – furthermore-, they are easy to carry and move. This furniture is adapted to the use kids want to give it in different moments.

IN2WOOD Desk and Chair


We can´t deny that we feel some nostalgia when we take a look to this set (which is also sold separately). It’s exactly what the designer wanted to transmit. That’s it, furniture from that “old school”, he has got it. They look exactly like the one we had when we were kids.


The set includes a desk and a chair for the youngest ones. It’s adapted to kids between 2 and 6 so those typical desk legs have been replaced by aluminium whose color can be customised: mint Green, White, blue, pink, yellow, green or black. It’s a light structure so it’s a great idea if our little one wants to leave his/her room to draw in the living room.

We are in love with every single detail of this table, such as the slots and the space for the pencils matching the legs. In addition, there are some storage space under the table exactly as the ones we used to have in those old desks. mesa, como lo habría en un pupitre de toda la vida. En cuanto al material, se trata de contrachapado de abedul.

A Magic Hook


With this curious name, In2Wood presents a funny hanger with an interesting design. It’s simple design which hides the screws and is able to hold many coats. In this case, you can find this piece in the same colours showed by the in 2Wood desks. A perfect complement which can be placed near the little desk so our little one can hang the clothes before starting the work.

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