Novel Walk is Barcelona-based brand created in 2016 by Cati Ferragut. After an intense career as a footwear and accessories designer, she decided to begin a personal project inspired by her own motherhood experience, in which she dumps all her Know-How.

This label creates contemporary and urban children’s footwear, the perfect comfort, health and fun shoes for your little ones. They stand out by the richness of the textures, the taste for colours full of shades, the quality materials and the pleasure of a crafted and playful aesthetic. A personal look that offers the freedom of movement, ergonomics, and comfort that children need.

The inspiration for this arises from stories that are part of the children’s Universe. For this winter, she has designed her second collection titled Butterfly Metamorphosis is her second collection. Each style evokes a unique stage in the mystery of butterfly metamorphosis —larva, weave, caterpillar… The names of the shoes also reflect this story:  Metamorphosis,  Butterfly, Caterpillar, Bloom or Cocoon.

Cati makes the shoes that she always dreamed for her own children, with an ethical and responsible design code, which starts with people and ends with the processes and materials. The production is entirely carried out in Spain.

What do you think about these fabulous shoes?

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