Kids are our treasures. This is the reason why we feel that anything isn’t special enough for them. Some parents want unique pieces for those little miracles with legs, something to transform a simple room in their own little magic universe…this is a very common feeling when you are decorating your kids’ rooms.


This is exactly the story of Nubie’s origins. When Florence was born, seven years ago, her parents couldn’t find those special designs to complement her lovely presence so they decided to find and bring them from all over the world to share their finds with all those parents who were also trying to catch a bit of magic for their little ones’ rooms. Furniture, decor, bedding, gifts…Everything a family may need is just there!


Nowadays, Nubie relies on a loyal public who knows their passion and can feel the thrill included in every single selected piece. As they mention in their site “Many of our products have been created by talented parents, now highly respected and well known designers!” They are parents who once felt like you, trying to include special pieces in the magic world of their kids.


Modern style, fresh high-quality designs, innovative furniture and accessories for your kids. They are the ingredients to create such a complete and successful shop. They take care of every detail and choose carefully all the pieces that are included in their huge selection. Everything must be perfect; everything must be special, just like kids!

Do you want to turn their dream room into a fantastic reality? Do you dare to dream awake? This is your shop!

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