It’s known that creating a space where kids can feel comfortable and safe is really important for their development but sometimes it’s also really complicated. Adults tend to think about quality, design and functionality while children feel attracted by flashy pieces to wake up their imagination and turn their room into their own special magic world. Well, Nubie and Oeuf, two of our favourite brands, bring us the perfect solution to get a win-win deal between parents and kids’ preferences.

Just take a look at that vertical library from Oeuf we can find on Nubie’s site! The design is amazing, the perfect little artwork to add that special touch to your little one’s room! Have you thought about all the things you can keep there? It can’t be more functional. Everything will be easily organised and its simple aesthetics is suitable for every single atmosphere. It will be perfect even when they become teens!

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Well, talking about the future…hard homework is coming soon and they will need a perfect study area where they can read, study and get some concentration. These desks’ height can be adapted to fulfill every user’s needs (from 5 years-old kids to adults). They also share the great design of the library and the complete set will provide you exactly what you are looking for… a stylish, trendy and modern space to study or draw. We are sure that they will be really amazed with it! Its restrained design is perfect to get a peaceful feeling and avoid distractions.

Doing homework is exhausting, you should also provide them a comfortable place to have a rest. River single beds —also from Oeuf— will complete the set. Simple, modern and really funny. Its design includes a bench at the foot of the bed so it can also be used to sit or simply to keep some beautiful soft toys which will take care of them at night. This detail adds a cosy touch we really like.


All these pieces are made of birch and their white tone turns them into the perfect furniture for every kind of room: romantic, vintage, Scandinavian…they will look great in every combination you can imagine!


We all know that kids grow up very fast and —sometimes— you have to adapt furniture every couple of years. As we have mentioned before, they will last for a long time and they are also suitable for a cool teenager’s room, just change the combination and the whole room will look different. We really love investing in quality pieces which can be adapted easily, they are like a must for us. There are as many options that you will never be tired of them!

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