A magic universe of beauty and design for kids. A reference brand to find all those cute pieces you have dreamed about, those pieces which are not available at shops even if you spend weeks looking for them. Nubie is a dream come true for all those parents who need “that” thing to add something special to their kids’ rooms.

What Can You Find?

Furniture, wallpapers, bedding, baby stuff, toys…everything related to kids is offered here. The careful selection shows lots of fantastic designer products, some of them created by talented parents who want to share their talent and cool creations with you and your little ones. They take care of every single detail and only the best pieces are included in their range of products so purchases are always a guarantee of quality.

You will discover a huge choice of original and whimsical pieces which have been carefully designed to offer the client the best, as far as aesthetics and quality are concerned.


We really like the passion and the thrill, they play an important role in this project as they are used to find the most magical and breathtaking “treasures” from all over the world and offered them to their customers as a special present.


When Nubie’s founder became a mum, she wasn´t able to find cool designer stuff for her daughter so she decided to find it on her own. She finally started to share all those treasures with the rest of parents who want something special and Nubie was born. Since then, you don´t have to visit all the shops in your town to find that unique product! Thank you, Nubie!