The brand Oeuf is always surprising us with its simple designs that mix functionality, ecology and beauty. They amaze us every season with new ideas for children’s furniture! Today we bring you the Play Collection, playful products we really love it.

The main advantage is that the collection has been specially created for kids. They are going to be the users of these tables and chairs so they are the only one who must like them. Furniture is specially designed for their size so they will consider it as something that can only be used by them.



The pieces have been made in the traditional Oeuf’s tones, like walnut or birch. These wood tones can be perfectly combined with every style. The design is very simple, as usual. These funny chairs with ears are one of the focuses of attention in this collection.

If you buy the furniture you will also receive a kit of interchangeable stickers. They are eyes, moustaches, ears and other details to create faces with the chairs. Yes, we aren’t joking.  Chairs which can be customized by kids!  Funny, don’t you think?


Play Collection includes Bear Play Chair, Rabbit Play Chair and Play table, perfect to enjoy their own space. Their bedroom, the playroom….It doesn’t matter! They should always have their own corner to play, read, draw or just to have a cup of tea with their favourite toys. In addition, if everything is made according to their size they will love it!


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