Hanging art is one of those little things that makes a house feel like a home. Furthermore, art could define the mood of the room. You may be looking to create a relaxed feel or something more uplifting. So it’s important to choose carefully the posters or paintings of your home, and the kids spaces aren’t an exception. I really like incorporating wall art to the kids bedroom, pieces that the child loves and make him/her smile and feel good.

OHMYHOME is a Dutch interior label, a place where people can find little treasures to spice up their home. In its online shop, you’ll find beautiful designs: ceramics, lighting, kids products and great posters, all of them made of high-quality materials.

They’ve just launched their first collaboration, some contemporary designed posters created by Sara Boccaccini Meadows and Bodil Jane. These prints are very versatile and suit any room of your house.

Woodland Treasures collection by Sara Boccaccini Meadows

wall-decor-Woodland-Treasures-collection-Sara-Boccaccini-Meadows2 wall-decor-Woodland-Treasures-collection-Sara-Boccaccini-Meadows3

Sara Boccaccini Meadows is a talented illustrator from New York, who has worked as a textile designer with big names such as Zara, H & M and Urban Outfitters. She takes inspiration from all the little details in her daily surroundings to create them into wonderful, unique and quirky illustrations.

Sara created the Woodland Treasures collection, consisting of three nature-inspired prints: Fern Study (first picture of the post), Mushroom Melody and Moss Maze.

Leisure collection by Bodil Jane

ohmyhome-poster wall-art-Leisure-collection-Bodil-Jane2 wall-art-Leisure-collection-Bodil-Jane3

Bodil Jane is an incredible illustrator from Amsterdam. After graduating from the Willem de Kooning academy in Rotterdam, she has built a great portfolio for impressive clients worldwide. Her handmade creations are characterized by colorful paintings using mostly ink and watercolors.

The Leisure collection is inspired by fun times with the family and consists of three different prints: Beach, Zoo and Fair.

Psst: The founders of OHMYHOME are looking for creative people worldwide who fit their vision, and they’re open to new collaborations and artists to join forces with.

+ info: OHMYHOME