Oli&Carol are two 20 and 15 years old sisters from Barcelona who decided to found their own company. They love nature and were worried about environment so they started to create eco-friendly designer rubber toys for kids. They adapted old-fashioned toys (from 60’s and 70’s) to create chic and lovely products that have made their dream come true: a business to enjoy and have fun! Cool, funny and nice, everything else?

What Can You Find?

This Young brand creates natural eco-friendly rubber toys for babies. The range of products include every kind of shapes : fruits, beetle cars, origami animals, geometric figures and, of course, ducks! All of them shows amazing flashy colours to attract the attention of the youngest ones. They have presented their creations in Playtime and they have got a lot of success!

All their products are biodegradable, handmade and perfect to have a funny bath, your baby will loe them!

We can see lots of talent, love and thrill in the heart of those lovely colurful ducks ¡


Rubber is their characteristic feature. All the pieces are 100% made of Havea trees and guarantee babies’ safety. Furthermore, they are perfect to decorate every kind of kids’ space, they are so beautiful…


Their site offers the instructions to take care of the toy so it will be always perfect. Check it out!