What do you need to play? And your children? Oliver Helfrich suggests us you only need four ingredients: wood, colours, shapes and a touch of imagination. Today, we show you some elegant, smart wooden toys. No batteries required!

Coming from a graphic design and sculpting background Oliver Helfrich has a broad and multi-disciplinary approach to design. His varied portfolio includes the amazing “Book of Paper”, packaging for The Technology Will Save Us  or patterns and prints for the cool kids wear brand Beep. His vibrant and playful style has fascinated us.

He also has created a collection of beautiful and open-ended wooden toys for both children and adults: Woodplay. All the sets are handmade and available on request. These sets encouraging the patience, discovery and exploration. All of them are balancing, stacking and building toys with endless possibilities.

Let’s have a closer look at this collection!



Totems is a set of 13 pieces made out of lacquered lime tree and walnut. Combine, stack and create your own totem!

toys-temple-oliver-helfrich toys-temple-oliver-helfrich2

Temple is composed of 50 beautiful pieces of unfinished birch. The unexpected forms of the pieces arise children’s creativity and allow them to build not only towers and constructions and anything they could imagine.

toys-tower-oliver-helfrich toys-tower-oliver-helfrich2

Tower is a simple set of 5 pieces made out of lacquered lime and walnut. How tall can your tower get? toys-tree-oliver-helfrich toys-tree-oliver-helfrich2

This poetic modular tree can be assembled in different ways. Snap the branches together, change their configuration and have fun!

toys-grid-oliver-helfrich2 toys-grid-oliver-helfrich3

Grid is a set of 9 pieces made out of lacquered lime tree and cherry. Create patterns, geometric shapes, constructions, landscapes…

toys-sticks-oliver-helfrich2 toys-sticks-oliver-helfrich

Play with these 15 colourful sticks! Build, practise the art of the balance or maybe use them to play mikado game.

Wooden toys are durable and grow with your child. They encourage children to use their imaginations to incorporate them into learning and play. Let your little one explore the wonderful world of toys with this collection!

+ info: Oliver Helfrich