Olli and Ella was created in 2009 in London by Chloe and Olivia Brookman. It’s a new concept of furniture for nurseries. We traditionally think about pieces which only suitable for this kind of spaces, however, their pieces are so beautiful and cool that can be placed anywhere. Colour and design are key concepts which they know how to manage to offer us a great selection of modern and stylish products.

Quality is another must for them. Their furniture is created in England and Australia to grant safety and comfort.


What Can You Find?

The selection of products includes furniture, organic bedding, decor (wall art, cushions, garlands…), gifts and rugs.  All of them share a wonderful design which will turn your daily life into a chic experience!

Every single detail is a must for them so every piece is carefully produced and packaged to get the best result and offer their clients the best shopping experience while they grant quality.


If we had to choose we would mention their amazing nursing chairs as their most iconic product. These pieces are usually limited to nurseries but they are so cute that you will want to include them in your living room! It’s chic, functional and comfortable, anything else?


Chloe and Olivia studied design and art history and opened their own art gallery in London but when Chloe was expecting her first baby, they started they adventure in kids’ furniture design by designing a nursing chair for her.