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Yes, we know it, your children love their swimming suits and their light clothes. However, summer is ending and we need to think about the next season, the back to school and the coolest clothes to protect them against the weather inclemencies. OMAMImini has the perfect recipe to make kids dream about the brand’s latest novelties.

Once again, white, grey, black and other neutral tones are the key ingredient to get a timeless autumn look suitable for every event. Maybe you think these colours are boring for kids, but they can be really funny and sophisticated at the same time if you know how to deal with them. OMAMImini is an expert, take a look!

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That mystery halo turns the whole collection into a magic element that makes them think about new exciting adventures and experiences! Autumn can also be a great time to enjoy life and childhood and these clothes try to remind it.

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OMAMImini: Clothes for Girls

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Funny prints, bright fabrics and furry garments are the pieces of this artistic set of girls’ fashion. As we have mentioned, sophistication and design are a must in every creation. These garments are not only fashionable and comfortable but also an original way of expression for those girls who love different things!


Have you seen the jumper? And the furry vest? What about the bright trousers? We want them in our wardrobes! Unfortunately, they have been created for our little ones, no size for us! We are sure they will love that elegant “adult touch” of these garments.

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OMAMImini: Clothes for Boys

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Boys are often limited to trousers and sweatshirts, boring colours and prints and basic jeans. Why? Boys can also play with fashion and express themselves with it. They will show their personality with this original cap combined with those funny trousers! Forget about traditional patterns and try something new, as you can see, the result is wonderful!

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Brown is the typical autumn colour, we use it year after year…why not to find another way to include it in their outfits? Mix tones and textures and add some special details like that collar and you will get a unique and trendy look!

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Are you ready to leave behind all those limited outfits? Imagine, combine and make them feel fashion!

OMAMImini: Baby’s Clothes


As we have said above, boys don’t have a huge choice of clothes to create their outfits. Well, we have a similar problem with babies. It’s very difficult to create a great look full of personality with the scarce selection usually offered by the market. OMAMImini goes beyond traditional purposes and offers shocking and fun designs to enliven every look!


Soft tones (grey and white) and comfortable garments are, of course, included in this baby collection. Nevertheless, they are brilliantly combined with new elements (yes, black!) and fantastic complements to show a new point of view where babies are as exclusive and original as the collection itself.


Back to school seems more attractive after seeing these great novelties, don’t you think?

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