We really like clothes with a story to tell. In this case, the collection is pure art as it is inspired by an exhibition at the Met Breuer. A great way to show the beauty presents in the creative processes, even when the artwork is not still finished. Fashion is transformed into a game where raw edges, frayed hems, and deconstructed patterns are combined in a free way, without limits rules to follow. The perfect representation of childhood, don’t you think?

“Inspired by the eponymous exhibition at the Met Breuer, this collection explores the aesthetic of unfinished, where the creative process is made exposed (along with a few seams). Works of art that were left incomplete, whether intentionally or not, seemed so much more exhilarating, open-ended, and fresh to us. We wanted to bring the same sense of surprise and dynamism into our designs”.

Leave some space for the imagination. Find beauty in imperfection.

OMAMImini SS17: Clothes for Girls

Comfortable dresses, basic cute garments and funny prints (shared with boys and babies) are the key to dress girls who enjoy their childhood in a free way. They don’t need a lot of ornaments to be really, really cute. Simplicity is always a guarantee of success!

OMAMImini SS17: Clothes for Boys

Boys fashion tends to be more limited but, in this case, the brand uses daring prints to add some creativity to their look, created, basically, on black, white, blue, mint and grey. Comfort is —again— a must to guarantee they have a lot of fun without any obstacle! T-shirts, trousers….everything looks so free and full of creativity…our explorer spirit is waking up!


OMAMImini SS17: Clothes for Babies

Can babies wear grey and black? Yes, of course! Babies clothes can always go beyond pastel tones! Take a look at these baby bodysuits and you will fall in love with this different way of being tender and modern at the same time! Because basic is not boring anymore, simplicity is cool and we love it!

omamimini-ss17-collection (13)

We really adore this collection as they allow kids to be different and explore the beauty in imperfection, it’s a great lesson to learn, don’t you think? Give them freedom to be themselves!

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