This amazing brand where luxury becomes a daily element in our lives, dresses our little ones with inspiration, sophistication and comfort. Their trendsetter creators, known by their cool style and their creativity, have been inspired by their own kids to create timeless quality garments, plenty of great taste and design.

What Can you Find? 

Boys, girls, babies and toddlers can find a huge range of lovely clothing pieces. All of them are designed and created in the US, employing local suppliers and contractors. Their collection can be found in more than 150 top retailers through the whole world, from New York to Tokyo or the fantastic Gallery Lafayette in Beijing.

Looking at their pictures we can imagine our kids wearing those trendy clothes. They are cool, trendy and simply fantastic! We can see that cosmopolitan touch in every single piece and we really love it!


Sophistication is their strength point and they know it.  Their founders, Ola Omami, a recognized interior designer who has always been known for her impeccable work and  Natasha Mileshina, a talented illustrator and graphic design, and graphic designer with an amazing curriculum behind her. Creativity, quality and design are a common feature in both girls so the result of their cooperation shares all these characteristics. Their clothes are simply perfect for both the daily life and those special event s when we want to turn them into little trendy and elegant kids.


Ola Omami and Natasha Milseshina tell us about their sources of inspiration: Their kids, the sunshine in Los Angeles, a marshmallow in the case of Ola and cinnamon buns, Scandinavian textile and the Moomins foe Natasha. There is no doubt that inspiration is everywhere but, if you mix it with an amazing talent you get this wonderful brand!