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Have you ever dreamed about creating that special thing for your little one? This is the story of ooh noo‘s origin: a mum decided to offer her kids quality unisex bedding sets which could be easily mixed and matched. Every single piece is carefully handmade and designed to last for a long time, while it covers kids’ bed with lovely and creative designs.


ooh noo consists of a young team of artists that is always working to launch and share new models plenty of talent and originality. There is only a small number of pieces for every design because they need to show all their wonderful ideas once and again so as soon as a product is launched they are already working again to offer more and more novelties!

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Their unique pieces are their main features and they even offer products on demand, like their funny soft toys. Do you want a special and unique roommate to keep your baby’s dreams? They will create it for you in 8 hours and your children will love it forever.


You will find much more than bedding if you visit their site: decoration, toys and a wonderful blog where you will find lots of inspiration. You can’t miss it! They show a lot of wonderful atmospheres and inspiring ideas to turn your home into a cosy and special space where spending time with your family.


We certainly love every single design of ooh noo but the greatest thing about this brand is that you can see love, thrill and good taste in all their pieces and this spirit will also fill your home. Toys, for example, include an own personality to add a different touch to kids’ rooms and fill them with character. Have you seen a cooler rocking horse? We really love them!

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There is no doubt that they are the perfect option to enjoy our nice dreams. Nighty night!

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