We all know ooh noo, that wonderful brand which fills everything with fun and design. They only produce a small number of every piece in order to guarantee exclusivity for your little ones. Everything you can find on their site (bedding, decoration and toys) is carefully designed and handmade according to a trendy and cool aesthetics.


Their collection is often increased and updated with wonderful designs and pieces which are developed not only to add a chic and lovely touch to their room but also to last for a long time and be used —even— by different generations. Quality is as important as design and the combination of these elements gets a very attractive product.

Autumn always covers our lives with a new range of tones: brown, orange, beige, grey…this season there’s a new focus of attention: pink. Yes, pink is really trendy and chic and can be easily included every kind of atmosphere, ooh noo knows it and uses it in its new collection in a very cool way. Bedding, toys, rugs, cushions…pink is everywhere and we love it!


Combining trends is always a good idea. Spots are really in but if you just add some pink tones you get a dreamy and fantastic atmosphere! They will want to love this bedding set!


ooh noo has increased their range of colours so now you can find this gorgeous pink rocking horse to wrap their games with colour! Kids will imagine themselves riding the nicest pink unicorn!



The whole room is completed with that amazing pink spirit. Everything looks brighter and happier! Pink magic has come to stay and make us smile during this rainy season.

Live your Vie en Rose with ooh noo and enjoy a colourful autumn!

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