A special shop plenty of carefully designed bedding sets for special kids. Love is the main ingredient of every single collection of this Scandinavian brand that is always looking for quality, design and comfort to cover your little one’s dreams. Ooh no consists of a small team of professionals who take care of every single detail to offer the greatest final product.

What can you find? 

Ooh no offers a great selection of bedding, decoration, toys and moccasins. Every product is handmade produced and there are only a few available units of every model. Some of them are even produced on demand. All the pieces are designed with love, considering kids’ real needs and comfort.



Bedding is the main product of their catalogue. Every collection shows lovely designs which are updated once and again to the latest trends. They wanted to use the best materials in order to create something to be used for a long time, both for girls and boys, something to be mixed and combined, something to make them feel special…They have finally obtained it!


This brand was founded when a designer became a mum. She wanted special bedding for her baby: lovely designs, quality functional products that last for a long time…she started to create it with some of their colleagues and her family was the first to test her creations in order to prove herself the real quality and functionality of the collection. Her own child was in charge of those tests! The result is amazing!