Nowadays, the architectural design focuses educational spaces for children from an innovative point of view. Today we present you an original building: La Bulle Enchantée, a nursery whose design is inspired by human cells. It’s located in Sarreguemines, France.


The architects Michel Grasso & Paul Le Quernec designed the project where the building acts as a cell’s nucleus, the green areas are the cytoplasm and the enclosing wall is the membrane.

As you may guess, there isn’t any straight line neither inside nor outside. Here, everything is round!


The building entrance is a great cement dome which acts as a canal which takes us to a covered courtyard. The classrooms, around it, have a direct access to the courtyard. Green areas limited by a continuous and curved wall which, in this case, is used as a children’s circuit.


The curves’ game, the lack of corridors and the different ceiling levels mixed with a moderate lighting and its own natural light create a safe and comfortable atmosphere perfect for both children and parents.