Whenever you were born this paper fortune teller can bring you lots of memories. That’s a way of foreseeing  the future and obtaining some answers. Kids love these exciting things. Even adults will love asking!

If you don’t know it yet it’s time to play! It’s something funny, simple and easy to do. The best thing is that this DIY homemade toy can be customized according to your interests or your questions.


This is one of those toys to make every time they are bored. It will keep them entertained for a while. Furthermore, you can let them creating their own version to get a huge choice of answers. You will fill your day with laughs!


These origami games can include eight answers. Numbers are the most common option, but you can also write letters or even pictures. There are lots of options. You can print it or let the kids do it by themselves.

Here you are the instructions to get the game. Pay attention when you have to fold the paper, this is the most important action. Furthermore, it must be a square piece of paper in order to get a perfect result. If it’s a bit thick, it will last for a long time. You can get the detailed instructions here.fortune-teller-origami4

Once you have it, you just have to play with questions and answers. Like those 80s balls that gave you random answers if they were shaken. This offers you a more personal touch. Answers will make you laugh for a long time! Do you want to practice origami?

Via Minieco