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Tired of traditional cribs? You might want to check out these original cribs which push convention aside in favour of creativity. We will start with a boat-like ribbed crib topped with a sail-looking canopy. A fantastically designed piece which will look amazing in any baby room — enough to surprise everyone who comes for a visit! But we still have a few other creative items for you to have a look at.

Original wheeled crib


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Have you thought about how useful a wheeled crib could be? What’s more, this baby crib looks totally cool with its grey shades and all the fun and colourful additions.The design is simple but its large wheels and colourful details make it very special. You can decorate the entire room around this item — in this case, with children’s wallpaper in grey shades and cute little penguins.

Fairy tale wicker crib


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Wicker cribs are totally in because of their old-school, romantic vintage feeling which makes them almost irresistible. This crib we’ve picked is even more eye-catching because of its fairy tale looks. Its large canopy with a light fabric, curved lines and small details make this the perfect little crib for baby princesses and princes.

Originally designed crib with Scandinavian flair


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Fans of the coolest children’s furniture will agree on this crib’s design being the most beautiful and special. Its Scandinavian style with basic lines in wooden shades will instantly conquer your heart.

Original hanging crib for two


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This crib is both original and practical since it’s a little crib for siblings, with two separate spots and a very special hanging design with ropes and wood which give it a DIY touch we absolutely adore. It’s very simple and natural, perfect for a restrained and sophisticated baby room.

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