Today we want you have a great time with us while we find great web sites plenty of cute things and lots of inspiration to create children’s spaces. We are talking about The Way We Play, a place where we have found three kids’ rooms that made us fall in love because of their personality.



In this case, they have chosen a typical “boring” color. But grey rooms for kids can also be really beautiful as you can see in this picture. You just need the correct details. Pompoms to decorate everything with a party and soft touch, they provide lots of colour! What about those wood tones to create the perfect contrast? These rooms look as natural and functional that we can almost see kids having fun in them.



Don’t you have much space? If you have to siblings who need to share the room decorating becomes, even, more difficult. We have always provided lots of ideas to shared kids’ rooms and this is one of them. The main thing is getting a comfortable space to be used in a natural way, with a space to read and play.




We are in love again! This space is plenty of nice details: those cushions with printed heroes, cloud-shaped cushions and toy furniture. Everything perfectly mixed. That’s another small space with charming details to be included in a children’s room if we wanted to decorate it.

This is a tiny sample of the spaces you can find on this website. There are many other things like inspiring kids and mum’s fashion and even a blog plenty of cute things like this one!

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