We are totally in love with wooden craftwork. Everybody likes this warm material which has been with us during our lives and it’s coming back as an important element for kids’ rooms. Up Warsaw is a Polish company that creates wooden small details and furniture for kids’ rooms. Cool and beautiful ideas to attract those people who say that wood is boring. Nothing to do with reality.

Although they offer many other things like shelves inspired by the circus or wooden toy TVs, we have focused our attention on their great plane-shelves. A great design we have already seen in DIY ideas for kids’ decoration. Now, we have found these planes that will look really nice on the walls!


We completely love wooden toys, furniture and all the products with that cosy touch we find in wood. These children’s shelves are great. You can use them both as shelves and as planes shown on the kids’ room walls. Furthermore, they have wonderful details like the space in the cockpit to turn their favourite teddy bear into a pilot or the nice wheels to land.

This family business has gradually grown up with original ideas like this one. All started with a Magda’s idea. She is the mother of two girls, Ola and Lena and fell in love with kids’ design by creating little pieces of furniture for both decorate and play with them.


As you can see, this detail adds colour and a childish touch to the room. In addition, you will find the shelves in different colours with blue touches or red and also with natural wood, in the case you prefer to create your own version as you can do with Ikea hacks. This is the perfect place to keep all those little wooden toys which are their favourites again!


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