If there is something we love is discovering a new and witty concept. If you feel the same way, you’re in for a treat thanks to Owl & Dog Playbooks. The genius couple behind this company is responsible for a collection of children’s books combining two often juxtaposed elements: the owl representing wisdom and the dog representing playfulness. Why not bring them together while honoring the ritual of book reading? Their belief in reinventing books as we know them has led them to create this fabulous series of interactive, didactic and fun objects. The goal is for children to experience books in a different way — playing and learning at the same time and allowing for their senses to foster creativity.

Ready to hear more about these exciting playbooks?


“Guess who!” is a series of three little books that will bring so much fun into the house. We can already picture our little ones obsessed with reading and playing with these books over and over again. Their bright colours and cool design make for a thoughtful and beautiful interpretation of the well-known guessing game. Who’s ready to ask?



This very different book tells the story of a monster who can’t blend in, but this turns out to be his best quality. Besides teaching a fabulous life lesson in a simple playful way, “The Clumsy Monster” can also transform into a full size “monster” your little ones can play with so that they feel closer to the story.


A set of three sturdy board books presented in an unusual triangular format, “The adventures of 3 bears” is just as fun and it looks. You can read the stories of the Bear, the Koala and the Panda and then (or before!) flip them around to “meet” the main character. Another unique gift for your child that will boost their imagination and sense of awe.



“Flat Zoo” is designed in such a cute way we would want it even solely for decorative purposes. But not only are these punch out animals visually adorable, they also tell a positive story about celebrating difference while teaching your kids about a few species. You can read the story while your children stack the pieces up in different ways to make each one of the characters.


“Fish” is the last book available at the moment. It consists of eight different punch-out fish and their respective facts told in witty, catchy phrases. Once again, the striking visuals will have your children super excited to start this learning experience. They remind us of Escher in their beautiful designs and geometric character.

All in all, Owl & Dog has 100% won us over and proven that they are visionaries when it comes to children’s design and development tools. If you have enjoyed their ideas as much as we have, make sure to check out their lovely website and online store.

Happy reading & playing!