Paade Mode is one of the key kids fashion brands designing kidswear from Latvia. It creates organic, smart casual clothing for children, and it stands out with its exquisite simplicity, its clean silhouettes and the breath of air of natural fabrics, such as natural linens, silks and organic cottons.

This fashion label always seeks inspiration in Nordic nature, stressing the importance of slow fashion and emphasizing each child’s personality. Its clothes have delicate details, especially its garments with embroidery work, and stylish patterns.

Paade Mode Spring/summer 2016


‘Vantage point’ is the title of the latest collection by Paade Mode. The brand embodies classic tendencies in combination with comfort and soft romance, by adding a modern twist with the choice of silhouette and colours.

For this new collection for girls and boys spring/summer 2016, Paade Mode has chosen bold embroidered fabric Kaleidoscope as its star, colourful and contrasting embroideries of cranes in combination with bright colours of coral and ultramarine. Lightness is added by the delicate flow of white silks, and fluffiness of originally styled tulle skirts and tops called Candyfloss.

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The collection includes clothes for boys and girls from ages 6 months to 16 years and it is finished off with a selection of matching leather necklaces, bracelets, headbands and hair accessories.

Photography Vika Anisko, Style Santa Bindemane

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