I’m loving this paint trend where half a wall or a part of a wall is painted in a colour and the rest is left white.

If like me, you love your white walls but still want to introduce a splash of colour and a little drama in your kid’s rooms, this is the answer.  It’s really easy to do and you can transform a room in a couple of hours simply with a pot of paint and a paint brush.  And it’s a great way to add a fresh look for summer.

There are a few different ways to do add drama to your walls using just pot of paint.  Here are some ideas to inspire you:

paint ideas for walls

Painting just the bottom half of a wall has become quite popular especially in kids rooms. The reason this example stood out for me is I love the unfinished paint effect.  Of course you could opt to go for a straight line instead but I think the unfinished effect not only looks cool, but you can also paint without masking tape! How easy is that?

paint ideas for walls in kids rooms

To create another dramatic effect, how fun is this idea of painting triangle shapes?  It’s a creative way to make a feature wall and a focal point in a room, with just a pot of paint and a brush.  I love how the triangles are different sizes too, giving it a playful feel, ideal for a kids room.

creative paint ideas for walls

Instead of going horizontal with your paint, try going from top to bottom in strips.  In a shared kids room, this is a simple and fun way to mark out spaces for each child.  Like in the room above, each child has their own desk space, marked out with just block of paint.  So easy to do and looks so fun too.


If you want to get really creative, why not try something like this?  Paint diamond shapes randomly in complementary colours.  Of course you could take this idea and paint circles or stars or any shape you like.  Just get tester pots of paint in your chosen colours, create a template using masking tape and soon you’ll have a really fun feature wall.

So there you have some fun ways to refresh your walls for summer or just to add a playful touch to your kids rooms.  What’s your favourite?

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