Tired of finding the same uninspiring toys in every shop? Worried about your children getting too much screen time and not developing abstract thinking skills? We have found a brilliant solution: Palopalú‘s gorgeous handmade wooden toys.

The creators’ objective to provide a sustainable product with great design and functional qualities really comes through the entire collection. But most importantly, we love give the idea of giving children the chance to develop their imagination thanks to the unlimited number of games they can devise with these unique pieces. Keep reading for a quick peek into Palopalú‘s beautiful reinterpretation of classic toys.


Remember playing Tangram? We have fond memories of eagerly opening the box and spending hours rearranging the pieces, sometimes with the help of our parents who also enjoyed the challenge of working out the possibilities of the Chinese geometrical puzzle. Having fun and learning by exploring geometry, touch and space is one of the main goals in most of Palopalú‘s toys.


In fact, the designers are so interested in child development that they have organised the website in a way that allows you to pick the type of skill you want to focus on and it will show you the toys that will match it best. Some of the options are motor skills, hand-eye coordination, sensory development, logical reasoning or memory – highly specialised! We think this is such a great way to show how involved Palopalú‘s designers are in the creation process and it has taught us a lot about different ways to keep your children engaged and motivated while developing a wide set of skills.

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If you care about the way toys are made you will be delighted with the philosophy behind this brand. Their studio is located in the heart of Bilbao where they can remain in touch with the city’s rich cultural production. This is where they manually design every single piece that you can buy on their website, and it is open for visitors if you find yourself in the area and would like to learn about the creation process. It feels like such a treat to have these inspiring craftswomen behind your children’s toys!


Wood is a huge source of inspiration and the sole material of every object on their website. Most of it is recycled wood they repurpose and it is painted with non-toxic water colours. Additionally, all toys are varnish free so you can be reassured that your child will be exposed to no artificial substances.


At the moment you can find a range of toys for children as young as 1 years old (puzzles and building games) all the way up to 7-8 years old (puzzles up to 30 pieces among many others). If you would like a unique present for a grown up or a handmade object for your children’s bedroom, they also have a small collection of decorative objects such as lamps or wooden wall prints.


We hope you enjoyed reading about these exciting ideas for your children’s toys! Have a look at Palopalú’s website and let us know what you think of their gorgeous and conscientious offer.

+ info: Palopalú