Panda theme has become a bit of a trend in kids design, both as kids decor and kids fashion. With their cuddly look, it’s no wonder children often are huge fans of panda bears.

A panda poster with a sweet and quirky monochrome design is perfect for a modern kids room. But you can also find cushions, soft toys, t-shirts with panda prints, bedding, hats and more. These are some of my favourites.


1-  Eau de toilette Bambu. T-shirt  Iglo&Indi. Photo: Mon bo petit monde 

2- Rabicorto Panda print

3- Mini Rodini sweatshirt



1- Indian Panda print by Minimel

2- Kid’s Cap Panda from Katia 

3- Zoo: oversized cuddle toys designed by Ionna Vautrin

4- Panda Cutie by Lapin and me. To get here.


1- Limited Edition Vintage Panda print from Maiko Mini. Photography styled by Chloe Thurson

2- Baby panda dish

3- Bamboo The Panda – Soft Doll from BlaBla kids. To get here.

4- Sweater and baggy pants from Popupshop


First picture: Panda Baby Blanket from Iglo & Indi