Playing with dollhouses is one of those kids games which is never out of fashion, because, generation afer generation, lots of girls and even boys had a good time playing with this entertaining game. Furnishing carefully every room, filling it with small details and giving life to your house with lovely dolls are some of the entertainment possibilities that this classical game offers to you.


Today we show you the work displayed in the blog of Madame Citron whose blogger offers a curious alternative option of mythical dollhouses as we now know them. The game is exactly the same: pay attention to decorate, furnish, fill in the details and spice up our dollhouses, but aesthetic and materials are totally different. Madame Citron shows us some easy dollhouses without compartments which don’t follow the classic decorative style typical in dollhouses.



The blogger designs her own furniture and mostly, she doesn’t design it in a complex way, using wooden furniture, but she designs it in an easier and cheaper way than the common one, using paper furniture. First, she creates the furniture with a computer, then she prints in color or in the pattern she wishes. We can see an origami lamp, a paper table or even the whole kitchen furniture. Designing paper furniture is a great alternative that opens a range of possibilities to change furniture more often. We are sure that kids will love to build their dollhouses furniture.


As we have commented, all these photos are taken from the blog of Madame Citron. It would be fantastic that you tried to create your own furniture, but if you don’t feel like trying or you simply love these options, you can download the templates here: http://madame-citron.fr/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/meubles-cuisine-a-imprimer.pdf