We already know that you have already heard about the trend of using animal heads to decorate kids rooms. We have even seen a soft and furry version! This time, Hibou Home brings handmade papier-mâché animal heads. They are not only a cool ornament but also a good way to fill everything with creativity.

Papier-Mâché Animal Heads



If you were looking for a new element to decorate your kids’ rooms, here you are these most beautiful heads you can find. A bear, mysterious wolf, a deer and a rabbit. All of them have been created by the artist and illustrator Abigail Brown. They are the perfect complement for the kids’ room, both for girls and boys. These heads are carefully handmade so they include an extra value as they are special and unique pieces to decorate every children’s space.

Hibou Home Papier-Mâché Animal Heads


As you can see, these new animal heads are perfectly combined with Hibou Home wallpapers and their soft tones. They are always easing our lives! What a good way to add that special touch! Don’t forget the brand’s textiles, in this case from Camomile London, they are the final touch to get one of those whimsical kids rooms you have always wanted


What do you think about these ideas to decorate kids’ room?

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