Even though we often select a few thoughts on a piece of furniture or how to decorate the wall of a children’s room, sometimes we like to focus on one special room like this one we’ve found on Babiekinsmag. A delicate and romantic nursery with plenty of ideas we’ve enjoyed and we would like to share with you. Check it out! We think there will be many details you will love. Overall, it’s a room we adore and we wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Delicate furniture for the nursery


Is there anything more romantic than a crib with a hanging canopy? It’s hard to imagine! Decorating with canopies is a fantastic idea since you can repurpose them once the baby is older and use it to create a reading and resting nook. An accessory we’ve grown to love more and more since it brings such a romantic touch to any children’s room. In the one we’re showing you here, they’ve picked a soft pink shade and they’ve added a silver star wreath.


There are also plenty of cool storage ideas in this children’s room. If you still haven’t bought a wardrobe because it seems a bit early, you can always store your baby’s clothes by hanging them on this practical wooden rack. It’s truly easy to put together! Very accessible and you can organise them as you wish. Overall, we feel quite inspired by the thought behind this practical idea: turning an organisational item into a decorative one.

Small accessories in pastel shades


You can see some of the currently most sought after accessories on the walls of this nursery – time to note them down and get them all! For example, notice the original tapestry with ethnic vibes, designed in wool and other materials. They also have pompoms and tassels and you will find them in different colours and patterns so you can pick the one that fits your nursery’s style.


The stuffed toy heads and the stars mobile are also noticeable, like the pastel pink deer head which gives a much more delicate touch to the room. Which one of these accessories do you prefer?


You will also find that there are children’s prints on the walls, in addition to a gorgeous wallpaper designed by Mrs. Mighetto, which we’ve already seen in many children’s rooms and which makes us fall in love with the atmosphere it creates every single time. What are your thoughts on this adorable nursery in soft pastel shades?