patterned paint walls

Today we show you a beautiful before and after to change the look of a kids room. The result is amazing!

Little Solvi’s room was painted in a maroon tone somewhat stuffy and, to be honest, very rare for a children’s room. Even though pieces that furnished and decorated the room were lovely by themselves alone, with such romantic and beautiful furniture, something was failing and this furniture didn’t stand out among the other different styles of furniture. One of the first things to do was to change the colours palette in the room, so Justine, Solvi’s mother, got down to work to make a change to her daughter’s room.

patterned paint walls (2)

patterned paint walls (3)

Solvi’s mother decided to paint the walls with a light color and she also decided to give the room a distinctive and personal touch with a white patterned painting. For the occasion she used patterned paint rollers. This method consists of painting with an embossed pattern roller that, as you roll it, prints patterned designs on the wall. You can find this type of rollers in many paint shops and DIY shops. In this case, Justine opted for a cool design of branches with small leaves.

As you can see in the pictures we show here, the change is really great. A cold and dark air room has been replaced by a bright and spacious room painted in a grey tone with a pretty white patterned picture that goes together with the romantic furniture of the room, which has also been lacquered. We think it is a very wise change.


patterned paint walls (4)


patterned paint walls (5)

patterned paint walls (6)