A shop with a wonderful story behind it: Susana and Carlos, the founders, tried to find something special to decorate their daughter’s room. There wasn’t anything special enough for them so they travelled around the whole online world to find amazing treasures to be part of  Martina’s magic world.

What can you find? 

They offer the cutest and the most original decorative elements from all over the world. Every single piece shows the special charming shared by the brand. Art is an important concept too, Peek & Pack brings art to kids’ room to become it a daily element in their lives. A huge choice of cool lighting, artworks and different decorative pieces are found in their catalogue.


Design and great taste are the brand’s key words. They are always offering the best quality, the greatest designs and the biggest amount of charm inside every product. “Treasure” is a great term to define their finds. They try to create special spaces with exclusive amazing pieces whose design could be described as “artwork”.


Apart from the greatest quality and design of their products, they offer a great customer service because the whole buying process (since they receive the order until the delivery) is carefully managed by the company so the buying experience is really good. Every detail is important to get the best results, they know it so their clients will always find their needs fulfilled.