This workshop was founded in 1979 in Lubian, a little village in Spain near the border with Portugal. According to the story explained on their site “Some time ago, a woman lived in this house with her six children. The poverty that these children grew up in, along with an industriousness and an ingenuity that enabled them to make use of virtually any material they came across, resulted in some of the finest, most desirable toys a child could wish for.” This inspiring story is a great beggining for the Javier Bermejo’s company that creates nice old-fashioned quality toys, this is the Juegos de la Antigüedad collection which together with Ludus Ludi, include the whole range of products of this lovely brand.

What Can You Find?

The creations of Pico Pao are mainly based on old-fashioned games which promote the stimulation of abstract thought as well as art or enjoyment of the senses. Materials are carefully selected to offer a quality  long lasting toy which stimulate their creativity, imagination and logical thinking. We are talking about toys which show their own soul, their own heart because the artisan has put them there.


Traditional games are toys are the essence of this brand. They are updated and improved but the spirit and the feelings they produce are simply woderful. Thrill is present in every single piece.


Pico Pao is the Portuguese name for those woodpeckers that live in the beautiful Portuguese land of Tras Os Montes, near the workshop of Pico Pao.