Mobile and smartphones are not always a good solution to locate children when they are too young. Sten Kirkbak, FiLIPP Technologies’ founder, lost his three year old son in a shopping center so you can imagine his anguish! For this reason, he decided to create a new device to keep contact with children while they enjoy their freedom and autonomy.


After 5 years of research, PiLIP was launched, it was the first locator and smartphone designed for kids between 4 and 11. This watch-shaped portable device has WiFi , GSM and GPS allowing communication between parents and children in a safe way.


You just have to download an app in your smartphone, then, the GPS function will tell you where is your child at any time. You can also create and alert to tell you when he is moving or arriving to his destination or establish a security perimeter, for example, a park or a beach, if he moves away the device will advise you.


Like adults smartwatches, it can also work as a telephone to call and send SMS to 5 predefined numbers. Its use is really simple, it has only two buttons, one of them (red) to emergencies.