This couple was looking for a mat for their son, Jaden but, suddenly, they discovered the link between foam mats (usual in the market) and cancer so they decided to create Corkimat, a nontoxic mat which could guarantee kids’ safety.

Furthermore, the natural grown organic materials used to create the Corkimat, also guarantee the safety of environment.  This mat is also modular and can be expanded according to your needs, is anti-slip and the covers can be washed in the washing machine. They have thought about every single detail!

What can you Find? 

The Corkimat modules are made with the best quality and eco-friendly materials but, in addition, they show a very funny design plenty of colours and prints, they are really beautiful and, of course, suitable for babies.

Flowers, cars, spots, trees…you can choose any of their designs and combine them according to your tastes and changing once and again! You will never be bored of your Corkimat because you have lots of combinations and all of them are very cool!

That’s a great way to avoid toxic materials and take care of your little treasure’s health, don´t you think? They also offer organic cotton bibs and fabrics to do it.


Corkimat is their main product so there’s a bigger choice of this wonderful product although the prints are also shared by the bibs and the fabrics they sell.


There’s a blog available on the website where you can find all their novelties and get some seasonal discounts. Take a look!