This little brand was founded in Barcelona by two fashion a graphic designers. They update their concepts every single season that’s why their clothes show their trendy look. The most important feature is that they control every single step of the process from the design to the final consumer, kids: everything is specially created for them. Colours, fabrics, prints…every detail was carefully selected to offer them a chance to feel comfortable and cute at the same time!

What Can you Find? 

This brand creates clothes from kids between 6 months and 7 years old. Every collection has its own theme, the last one was inspired by monsters and it´s really cool! Kids will have lots of fun wearing these clothes because they can imagine lots of stories about them. They can become the main character of them, living lots of adventures in the jungle, in Alaska or in the bakery, other of Piñata Pum’s themed collections.  Lovely, cool and very, very cute this is the most suitable word to define their general style! You will fall in love with every single garment!


Apart from their great designs, we must mention the quality of the clothes because, as we have mentioned, every single step of the production is carefully monitored.


Everything is produced in Barcelona. As they mention on their site the clothes are “almost handmade”.